Frequently Asked Questions

What is LinkedIn Account Management Coaching?

LinkedIn is the absolute best place to find your target market.   With over 560 million users, and a data set about each user that is the most extensive of any social media, this is the best place to let the right folks know what you have to offer!   

We help you grow the right direct connections, enabling you to reach out in a personal and compelling way.  We begin with creating a foundation, then we layer in coaching so you also learn how to become self sufficient.

LinkedIn is a social platform at heart, and is built and designed around predictable behavioral patterns.  LinkedIn is also a commercial enterprise, and crafting your strategy and tactics in a way that benefits the platform creates a synergy that yields a positive result set of outcomes for you, your connections, and LinkedIn.

Not only do we understand this, but we're also uniquely capable of creating, implementing, and executing integrated campaigns at a sustainable high volume over time, including both 'hunting' and 'farming' approaches.

I want to start a podcast, can you help?

Yes!  We can help you with both podcasts (monetized or not) and with additional media, including Internet radio and even your own Smart TV channel, published book or other publication.

What kinds of publicity do you handle?

 We have worked with many, and are constantly learning and growing!  Some of our favorites including radio show interviews, guest appearances on podcasts, social media content management, and mass mailing. 


Don't we need to meet to do this? Who are you?

We're happy to work with you to help you reach your goals and objectives.  The best way to ensure that, and to make sure that we can work well together is to get to know each other.  We welcome sitting down for coffee or having a face-to-face when, where, and how that works best for everyone.   Let's chat to get started on a shared journey and mutually beneficial relationship today.   Set up time on my calendar, with the option of putting it on your's as well!