LinkedIn Coaching & Services

If you are a US military veteran, you may be able to get a Premium Career account from LinkedIn for free for a year. Ask us about it!

Our Services

LinkedIn Account Management Coaching

We help you manage your LinkedIn account in multiple ways, depending on your needs and objectives.  

We can start with doing a lot of the 'leg work', so you can focus on people and relationships.  Together we leverage the most rich data set of commercial demographics on the planet, so you can be very accurate and effective with your targeted marketing campaigns. 

We provide a variety of administrative capabilities, data services, content development and/or management, and consulting services that help you get the outcomes you seek doing the part(s) you want, and outsourcing the toil.  We'll help you with the parts you need help with, and can advise on the parts you want to do yourself.    Most importantly, we have deep knowledge of how the platform works, was built, and the algorithms and designs for the benefit of you, your network, and LinkedIn so everyone wins in a virtuous cycle,

We have two levels of our flagship services:  

Direct Connection Builder

We leverage your existing LinkedIn account and current network as a foundation for expansion of your first, second, and third level connections to initiate targeted relationships.  We work with you to deliver your message to people who are likely to be receptive, or are connected with people who are likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

We help you meet more people, just like you might do at a conference or meetup in person, but now you can do it just in your neighborhood or globally, and can reach the people in which`you are most interested.

We'll help you strike up new conversations that increase your visibility and magnify your profile, and feed the social platform algorithms that see you being social and contributing to the experience of others to everyone's benefit.

The nature of the invitation and messaging systems create current and potential future connections that are persistent (versus dissipative ad media like Google Adwords or Facebook advertising), and enable bi-directional engagement for a much bigger window of engagement.  We routinely see double digit conversion rates versus fractional and single digit conversion rates on Google and Facebook.

Premium Business Connector

Marketing Campaigns are much more successful when they are integrated sales and advertising in a mutually reinforcing ecosystem.

Outcomes based campaigns help ensure KPIs don't become confused with what we really want to end up with at the end of the day.  Connections are the first, and most important step.   What you do with those connections is what determines their relative value to you.

Premium Business Connections uses both "hunting" (new network building), and "farming" (existing network development) that synergisticly increase platform exposure and relationship development.  

This synergy is manifest in much higher conversion rates, frequently increasing from 10-20% of Direct Connection Builder, to routinely 

30 - 50% conversion rates for strong value propositions.

Direct Marketing

Cutting out 'the middle man' is one of the keys to being digital.  Being able to create a meaningful relationship that will result in value exchange is the key to a good partnership.   We use many tools to reach the right people in the way they prefer to be reached.   Targeted advertising still makes sense to some degree for most organizations, and is part of our full range of services.

We also can help you with e-mail, content management, content and copy creation, target market and general publicity, website, online store, blog, podcast, and even publication.

Media Consulting

We can help you grow your audience and leverage your network with a strategically designed and aggressively  pursued media campaign that drives your messages to your intended market, in the ways your audience wants to get it.

Authors & Artists

Get your work in front of your target audience.  

Leverage multiple campaigns that synergize your reach to let you and your fans connect. 

Coaches, Consultants, and Professional Services

Our business for many years before becoming 

authors and diving into the media business. 

We know how to help you grow.

Digital Products and Information Services

 If you are selling digital products, we can help you reach your market, and distribute your products, as a turn-key done for you, or help you get your own storefront going.

Creative Services

 You've got Word and Photoshop, but that doesn't make you a copywriter or graphical artist.  

We can help you get the right folks, or better still get it done for you